Multi cuisine Restaurant & Bar

Serves Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian,

North Indian, Chinese & Continental

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Imagine relaxing in elegant Tanjore savoring a classic cuisine, that's the kind of experience we wish to indulge you in when you visit Star residency in Tanjore. There is plenty to choose from the menu, to enjoy a unique and stylish dining experience in a multi-cuisine fully air-conditioned restaurant at star residency. It offers different types of buffet all through the year for all categories of people. Our restaurant is designed to delight your senses.

 Banquet & conference Hall

Celebration of Get-together, Seminar,

Conferences and other events.

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Star residency offers state of the art banquet hall which combines elegance and technology. This multifunctional banquet hall make them ideal for any event from large scale corporate conferences, product launches, fashion events to more intimate cocktail dinners or boardroom discussions. The banquet halls at The star residency have been host to some of the most talked about events. With high connectivity to the internet, modern technology and communication facilities, these banquet halls are ideal for all purpose.


The Brihadeswara temple lies to the southern part of the city of Tanjavur between the Grand anicut canal and the Vadavar river. This temple is Dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is an outstanding form of Chola architecture and is the crowning glory of the place of Tanjavur.

The Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal Library which exists today and is one of the medieval libraries in the world. As a treasure house of Knowledge, it has a repository of Culture that gives a clear picture of the different dynasties that ruled the place.

The palace is also known as the Great Fort and it was too built by the Nayaks in around 1550 AD. Later the Marathas added more significance to it by giving it their style. Inside the fort there is the Palace of king Vujaya Raghava Nayakkar The Fort complex has two towers one of which was used to store weapons and the other used by the king to pay obeisance to Sri Rangaswami.